"On the topic of Silke and Kirin’s undefined relationship: the way these two women cared for each other was incredibly realistic and I found myself caring for them and their relationship a great deal. The worry I felt about how it would turn out kept me interested and engaged. Solid descriptions of the scenery left me feeling like I was right there beside them. If only I really could have been, Barrett’s details sure make me wish I was!" -- Einbahn, Review

Silke Dyson is a sculptor who is dealing with impaired vision as a result of a physical assault. Kirin Foster is a pragmatic travel magazine writer with wonderful opportunities to see the world. Their lives collide at thirty-thousand feet during a tropical storm and they strike up a friendship under the Belize sun.

Much to their delight, they discover they both live in Milwaukee and, back home, they develop an easy rapport amidst common interests and friends. Sometimes a random spark of kindness or caring can spark a small flame. With patience and opportunity, this small flame can grow into a balefire, a beacon of hope to guide a pair of souls to their true home.